The campaign: Living Lighter on the Land

Currently, habitat destruction is the leading threat to biodiversity and in many cases is driven by our overuse of natural resources.  To draw attention to and reduce the enormous ecological impact humans play on the planet we have launched our Living Lighter on the Land campaign.  Through the campaign we will:
  • provide people and communities with practical low-energy lifestyle solutions
  • conduct semiformal quantitive research on the energy use at the Armstrong House Education Center 
  • facilitate a conversation about our place on the planet and our relationship with our non-human family (birds, bugs, trees, oceans, deserts, savannas, etc.) 
We feel that this last point-to rethink our place on the planet- is necessary to Living Lighter on the Land.  Without a systemic shift in our perceived role on the planet humans will continue to degrade the earth's natural life support system.  If we can agree that some form of world change is needed to relieve pressures on all non human life, we must acknowledge that change begins within.    

To rethink our place on the planet will require a conversation about some deep personal beliefs- spirituality, religion, ethics, evolution, philosophy, etc.  All are welcome to join the conversation and provide respectful and productive perspectives and stories to help us Live Lighter on the Land.

Currently, the campaign is educational and promotes a reduction of pressures on natural resources, wildlife habitat and ecological biodiversity.  How is this promoted?  Through our work at the Armstrong House Education Center we lead by example.  The Armstrong House was renovated by using salvaged material where possible and currently incorporates many 'green' energy systems.  Additionally, the land surrounding the Armstrong House is managed in ways that allow both human and non human needs to be met.  For example we protect desired wildlife habitat, produce some of our own food, selectively harvest trees for lumber and cordwood, maintain walking trail and encourage the growth of underrepresented native tree species.  As time goes on our campaign to Live Lighter on the Land will surely encompass new projects and perspectives.  We welcome you to be a part of this campaign.

'We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them'
Albert Einstein  

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